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Sotheby's Sue Auction Signage
Dinosaur 13 Blue Ray DiskOn October 4th 1997, Sotheby's Auctions in New York City hosted one of the most watched Natural History Auctions of the 20th century, attended by a few hundred people. The auction of the T. rex skeleton known as "Sue", was over in less than 10 minutes, the dinosaur was purchased for the Chicago Field Museum with the backing of a number of corporate entities. Every dinosaur has a story, the history of "Sue" is an exciting story that is still growing and will not be forgotten in history.

Fred and Candace attended the 1997 auction and Fred shot a video of the auction room and the people attending. He filmed the auction and his film is included in the "Dinosaur 13' Blue Ray and DVD disks. The signage was lighted from behind making the T. rex on the large panel stand out and the text on the smaller panels very readable.

The signage was created by Sotheby's to promote the auction's now famous T. rex. Fred and Candace fell in love with the three signs that were at the entrance to the room where the remains of "Sue" were on display. Fred obtained the three panels before the auction began.

If you are interested in owning the historic signage, please contact Fred Nuss at (620)-793-0905,

Left Sotheby's Sue Signage Panel Text Right Sotheby's Sue Signage Panel Text
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